Practice of Law
“No man is above the law, and no man is below it”  | Theodore Roosevelt

The practice of law is a noble profession with a vast scope. It offers a long list of areas and specializations. Options are endless, and choices are hard to make. Law is an exhaustive profession demanding a promising commitment to continued learning, deep-rooted research, and a remarkable flair for declamation.

A law firm is not supposed to practice every branch of law. It is neither desired nor workable. Law firms, however, prefer to operate in teams of experts from specific fields of law. It is not a limitation, but a prudent decision to attain professional goals.

We have selected our practice segment after rigorous deliberations. Our team has strengths in moral values and professional competence to serve our clients at high standards. That is our model of quality assurance and client satisfaction. We have carefully and deliberately selected criminal, civil, corporate, and intellectual property laws as our domains of practice.

Practice Areas

Crininal Law
Criminal Law
Fraud & Forgery, Embezzlement.
Kidnapping, Abduction for Ransom.
Bails, Appeals, Suspension of Sentence.
Theft, Dacoity, Burglary & Land Grabbing.
Harassment, Threat, Torture & Murder.
Terrorism, Narcotics Possession & Trafficking.
Civil Law
Civil Law
Rent, Sale, Mortgage Deeds.
Housing / Public Discrimination.
Contracts, Partnership & Trust Deed.
Opinion & Litigation of Civil Suits.
Family Property / Joint / Muslim Ownership.
Arbitration, Mediation, Appellate Tribunals.
corporate law
Corporate Law
Startup / Freelancing Advice & Formation.
Business Formation, Registration & Returns.
NGO / NPO, Trust, Section 42 Company.
Agreements / Contracts / Memorandums.
Proprietorship Firm, Partnership, Company.
Income Tax Registration & Filing of Returns.
Copyright law
Intellectual Property
Copyright Advice, Registration & Protection.
Design Advice, Registration & Protection.
Patent Advice, Registration & Protection.
Advice & Litigation of Unfair Competition.
Trade Mark Advice, Registration & Protection.
Domains, Hosting & Cyber Laws Consultancy.

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